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Domingo Claudio

Domingo always knew California was his home, even back when he was living in his native state of New Jersey. He bought his first home at 18 with the money he saved and turned that home into a rental unit. This introduction to passive income opened his eyes to the versatility of real estate. From making new memories for first-time homeowners to working with other investors in his market his malleability comes from wanting to see people thrive. He maintains a clear connection with the people he’s working with so that everyone is on the same page. While acknowledging his public speaking and communication as strengths, his greatest skill is that he listens. He hears what his clients’ needs are and uses his available resources available to make sure they are met.


After spending a few years in DTLA, Dom relocated to Santa Clarita to enjoy a quieter metro. He enjoys traveling and talking about credit card points. Truly a coffee enthusiast, TV buff, and as you can probably guess; a morning person. All he wants is to help destroy the wealth gap and get people into their new homes.


Phone: 310-804-1439


DRE# 􀀅􀀇􀀆􀀌􀀉􀀅􀀊􀀊02174055􀀅􀀇􀀆􀀌􀀉􀀅􀀊􀀊􀀅􀀇􀀆􀀌􀀉􀀅􀀊􀀊

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